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Written by Graham Hiemstra, design journalist and founding editor of Field Mag, the award winning digital publication for lovers of good design and the great outdoors.

Over the past six years Field Mag has published over 300 articles documenting the world’s best prefab cabin kits, tiny houses, A-Frames, surf shacks, country cottages, and cabin rentals. Now, we’re taking all that knowledge and building on it in a new newsletter for fellow cabin lovers.

Every Friday all subscribers will receive a Friday Cabins newsletter roundup up the most innovative and exciting cabin articles we’ve seen that. A little *trend watch* if you will.

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A newsletter for cabin dreamers and lovers of leisure architecture. Topics include: design trends and icons, DIY builds, how to win at Airbnb, etc


Graham Hiemstra

Journalist, photographer, and founder of Field Mag, a digital publication for lovers of good design & the great outdoors